What do you charge for your services?

We charge different fees for its various services:

  • Investment Management – the annual charge is 1.00% of assets under management for amounts up to $1,000,000, 0.75% for amounts between $1,000,000 and $2,500,000 , and 0.50% for amounts over $2,500,000. The term “assets under management” refers to all investment assets (short or long-term) held with our firm. Our fee schedule is negotiable based upon portfolio size and other business considerations. Fees are charged monthly. There is no minimum fee for asset management.
  • Financial Planning Retainer – the “base” fee for personal financial planning services ranges between $1,000 and $5,000 annually, depending on the complexity of your situation. If clients have more than a minimum of $100,000 of assets under management with our firm: this fee is waived. If clients have their individual life/disability/illness insurance managed through us: this fee is waived.

Are there any other fees that I will have to pay?
Yes, there are additional fees that you will pay to other firms as you implement your financial plan and invest your assets:

  1. As part of the financial planning process, we may recommend that you purchase additional insurance (life, disability, etc), hire an estate planning lawyer, hire an accountant, etc. Therefore, you may need to spend additional money to implement your financial plan and to achieve your financial goals. You will always have the final decision as to when and where you go to make these purchases.
  2. As part of the investment management process, you will have to pay one additional types of fee -mutual fund (or portfolio) fees. All mutual funds (even no-load funds) charge management fees and other expenses to pay for the costs of running their funds. These expenses are clearly outlined in a fund’s prospectus. Since we primarily uses low cost mutual funds and/or managed portfolios, you will pay far lower fund management fees compared with most actively managed funds (between 0.70% and 1.13%).
    Depending on the size of your portfolio, your total annual fee (including our fees, mutual fund expenses, and account fees) will probably range between 1.20% and 2.13% of your invested assets.